Couple trapped in mouldy home so damp they ‘couldn’t breathe’ in living room

A couple claimed they felt “trapped” in their home as dampness caused it to grow so mouldy that it became “inhabitable”.

Amy Little and her partner George Curtis had been living in a two-bedroom house in Hull which they claim was “full of damp”.

They claim the issues started right when they first moved into the property in Gladys Villas on Brecon Street, as they noticed “the wall was dripping with water” after one month.

The desperate couple, who couldn’t afford to move out as they were unemployed for mental health reasons, said the property was “affecting our health and destroying our lungs”.

Despite them “constantly” explaining the issues to landlords at Wardbright Properties over the span of three years, the couple claimed the firm “didn’t do anything about it”.

Amy, 23, said: “It was right from the start, we had only been there for a month and the wall was dripping with water and the paper was crumbling away.

“There was a massive wet patch and they were blaming us and saying we weren’t putting the heating on and not opening windows enough but we were doing that. We were ventilating the property and we were putting the heating on when it was cold.

“It was horrendous, it was really affecting our health to the point that we couldn’t even sit in our own living room because it wasn’t breathable.

“It severely affected our mental health and meant we avoided being in the property unless we had nowhere else to go – we couldn’t breathe properly.

“My partner’s asthma got a lot worse and he had to take his inhaler a lot more than he would normally. It was destroying the property, the walls, the furniture, photos and belongings from people I’ve lost – it was just unliveable.”

The couple claim thgat they reported the issues to landlords but their concerns went unheard, and when they did react, they would complete “botch job” repairs.

Amy said that after partner Curtis, 25, got a job as a telesales advisor, the couple were able to afford to leave.

However, they were shocked to find out that Wardbright Properties charged their guarantor £2,166.68 to repair damages caused by the damp – for which they are now seeking legal advice.

“They charged us for a full clean of the house which we refused to do because of how awful the property was,” she said.

“We refused to paint over the damp as we didn’t want to be part of their lie where they cover the damp rather than sort it out because it’s cheaper to do.

“They also took money for contribution for re-decoration and other things in the house which were ruined due to the damp which we feel was fairly unfair as the only reason the property was in such a state was due to their severe lack of repairs.

“You can tell how horrendous the other place was because where we are now, we haven’t changed the way we live – we put our heating on just as much and open our windows just as much as we did before.

“We’ve been here for two months and we have had no problems, nothing has been destroyed, it’s just been completely different.”